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Another Cracked Dome

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    Re: Another Cracked Dome

    I agree with James.

    I freaked out about the hairline cracks in my oven after curing.

    I'm almost at the anniversary of the oven build and the cracks are no larger.

    I just got a huge smile on my face. Thinking of all the fires and all the good pizza bakes over the past year. And no more worries about cracking....

    It's all good!

    My oven progress -


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      Re: Another Cracked Dome

      One quick thought on the repair, I know after all the work you put into it anything that sullies your baby can seem devistating. But if you fill the crack in the next time the oven is heated it could very well find a new place to crack. I know this isnt totally applicable, but when I installed my hardwood floors (6" wide brazillian maple) and the first winter they dried and there were 1/16-1/8" gaps. This upset me so I got to work an made all of these shims from the leftover flooring and filled in all the gaps to make it perfect again.....Until summer when the floor began to buckle. I know Im talking humidity, and your talking temp, but expansion is expansion. I Ended up removing the shims, finding a caulk which matched the color and allowed expansion. I dont know of any product that remains flexible for masons, but I would be careful about any repair.


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        Re: Another Cracked Dome

        Sooner or later, you're going to have to fire that thing up Robert.

        Walk away for a couple of weeks, at least. Then you'll know you've gone way outside the box for the recommendation for curing the mortar. If you get a crack or two at that point, you won't second guess youself. You'll be able to live with it a lot easier. Go play with your kids, kiss your wife, quit sweating the crack that might appear. The oven will still perform like a champion for you.

        Undoubtably, a new oven curing regimine will show up just as you've completed yours. What are you going to do? Panic? You did what what was considered to be the best way to cure your oven when you were ready to do so. Smile bro. ! You've got a pizza oven in your back yard! Thanks for all your help with mine - cracked as it may be.
        Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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          Re: Another Cracked Dome

          I would add to the list of items to help reduce cracking during building...

          keep your mortar on the stiffer side
          keep the finished work moist

          (at first I use a garden sprayer and after it's set the next day I'll use a hose). Runoff to the lower rings is a benefit!

          They do a lot of stucco work in Spain where it's sunny, hot and dry. I saw a wall in progress and there were cracks all over it. They came back and washed it with a sponge or rag. I think they essentially floated some additional cement into the cracks.

          And I think ed's got a point that the crack may shift to somewhere else. I think you'll see that crack reopen if you fill it.

          Keep us informed.....we all learn to love cracks
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            Re: Another Cracked Dome

            Ya, I am sure a hose sprayer would work in nice 70+ temps. Not with 20-30 temps outside of a tent. My inside stayed in the 50's for the most part during brick work. I am not sweating that. Solid as a rock, both dome and arch. I hope the chimney does the same, and no regrets of my building process. Definately agree with the stiffer side of mortar, moist bricks (soaked), cool environment. After I finished my chimney Tuesday am, I let it rest with the warm upper 40's outside. That late afternoon, I dismantled the tent, being that I have 2-4 inches of insulation blanket everywhere but the chimney cap. I placed two triple wrapped dense painter tarps over the chimney, then shelled the site with a monster waterproof tarp. Site is nice and clean now. My excitement, anxiety will start in 4 days.
            An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

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              Re: Another Cracked Dome

              Originally posted by Acoma View Post
              My excitement, anxiety will start in 4 days.
              Yeah there's been no anxiety or excitement up to this point
              sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!