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Compound angle jig for Harbor Freight brick saw

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  • Compound angle jig for Harbor Freight brick saw

    Started building a wood fired oven a little while ago, and this forum has been a GREAT resource! Thanks to you all! Wanted to share a jig I devised, somewhat modeled after Chester's, for cutting half firebricks into compound angles. Started with a cheap HF brick saw, and used some scrap steel to fabricate a tilting table with two angle guides. For each chain of brick, set both angle arms to the correct angle relative to saw blade, then tilt and shim table to correct angle. I also clamp wood shims to the angle arms as stops to give consistent dimensions. Starting with half bricks, put the outside face against the rear fence and make a cut, rotate brick 180 degrees, put outside face against rear fence and make second cut.

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    Result is easy, consistent cuts to compound angle on both sides of a half-brick.


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      Thanks for this