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    I have been reading this forum for several years but not able to post. I finally got my 42" Pompeii oven/fireplace /smoker finished this spring and want to share my journey for your comments. If this first post goes well I will continue to send pictures and explanations of process. Thanks to all for your help.

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    Buckeye Build,

    Welcome to the forum. You certainly have a nice setup there. I'm looking forward to the chronicle of the build and how the three are performing for you.
    Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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      I think i found this forum through YouTube and purchased the instructions to build a 42" Ponpeii oven from Forno. A quick phone check with the local permitting office and building inspector and I was cleared to build without permit.Plans to build just a pizza oven was amended by wife to outdoor...


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        Materials were locally sourced with exception of medium fire brick, full pallet was shipped in. Foundation concrete was only pre mix brought in, all other materials purchased, delivered and mixed by hand. Radial arm tile saw from Harbor Freight a must. Site tented to work through winter as summer work hours were limited.


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          Winter of 17 turned to spring of 18 and completion of the dome with a 3" blanket layer of perlite portland mix over the top. On to fireplace, inner and outer block walls all locked together with rebar, wall lock and every other block cell filled with concrete. Wiring for lights and outlets complete, Concrete and perlite mix added over blanketed dome to fill dome cell.


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            Getting everything under roof was as big a celebration as getting the dome finished. Roofing felt, wire mesh is applied to exposed rafters all around with Portland fiberglass mix is applied over that and back side of building as finish look. Hash marks in block face and hangers installed to insure stone adhesion. Chimneys are framed out with mess and rebar and filled with Portland perlite mix...


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              July 4, 2019 was kickoff date for the first pie. There is definitely a learning process to all of this but the oven cooking has to be the most fun. I have put on 10 pounds on since completion and have to limit my cook time. I have some things to do yet but for the most part the build is complete. The LED lights are great and come on automatically at dusk. A security light, on back side of build, comes on by motion when accessing wood storage. Overall the build is what I imagined with the oven and smoker work great. II am still working on the chimney caps and the top to the smoker box may be another counter. The oven retains heat for three days.