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FINALLY getting going in North Central Texas

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  • FINALLY getting going in North Central Texas

    I bought 205 firebricks, sourced refractory mortar and insulation, getting CMUs and rebar today for my corner build. I plan to put it on 4" of foamglas over a 3.5 reinforced slab. The base will be a modified H shaped so I can use the back part to store pool stuff. The front will be at the corner of the pool decking. Food prep area is under discussion but will be addressed. It will have an enclosure when it is all done and cured with a brick cladding to match the adjacent structure. SWMBO has certain rules for the oven which MUST be followed to ensure continued the end of the day her esthetic ideas are WAY better than mine and I will have my oven. Win-Win.

    I'll post photos as I make progress.