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Dragan's 900mm brick Pompei oven build. Melbourne Australia

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    Nice build! You're really going to love using the oven. Wonderful solution to startup smoke out the front. I have a similar situation with an outer arch that's a bit too high on startup and have considered adding a lower arch...but I've loved my higher arch when working my bread batches. Looks like you attached a metal strip to the arch and then magnets to the pullout piece. Could you give some more detail on how you made this great innovation? Thanks in advance!
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      I've tried to include photos to show how my smoke deflector works. As you can see the deflector is slightly narrower than my chimney manifold enabling it to slide up inside when not required, giving better access to the oven itself. I have attached magnets with heat resistant silicone but will need to find another solution as it softens up with heat allowing the magnets to shift. It still works but is a bit clunky at the moment. My father suggested I modify the front gallery arch permanently but I am happier with this solution. Hope this helps.
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        Hi David, I've looked over the paint can I used to paint the chimney manifold and the oven door. They mention ceramic resins rather than zinc for its high heat application and it is suggested for use on ovens and slow combustion stoves. Looks like I might have been lucky with this one.

        On a side note, we fire the oven up 2 days ago and today I've put in some gravy beef to slow cook for our taco dinner tonight. Yummo!