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Small 30 in pompeii design & materials list?

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  • Small 30 in pompeii design & materials list?


    I built a 27" kiko denzer clay oven at our hut by the beach. After some fits, I really like it. We've done pizza several times. It can do one medium pizza in 2-mins, which almost as fast as we can shape dough and put toppings on. I am now insulating it so I can make bread and bring the heat up. I am inspired enough to build a pompeii oven (firebrick or refractory cement) at our house in town. The clay oven is great especially for all of $50 it cost to build. But, I want something where I don't have to worry about chipping the door or the dome.

    I want to make something about 30-32 inches. I understand the argument for a big oven. But, I'm planning to use the oven weekly. In our 30inch Wolf all-gas, I've roasted small pigs (beheaded and legs partly removed). For a party for 60 people, I did two simultaneous full slab ribeye roasts. The main use would be bread, more than pizza. Right now, we bake 6 loaves every week as a household staple. Pizza would be once a month. I'd use residual heat for braising, etc.

    I'd appreciate if anyone could help me:

    Anyone built a small pompeii and has a materials list and a plan? How many bricks?
    Thanks in advance!

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