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Do I need to paint the lintel?

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  • Do I need to paint the lintel?

    My oven design has an angle iron lintel over the door. It supports the back of the masonry chimney. Normally a lintel should be painted but I'm wondering if it's a good idea with the heat. Anybody got any advice? Will it rust? Will the paint just burn off?

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    Re: Do I need to paint the lintel?

    I used angle iron in the same way and left it unpainted. It's been in place for 5 years now with pretty much weekly baking and does not appear worn at all (i.e. no rust, no pitting, no warp, etc.) but it does get blackened & sooty during some firings. I'm positive if you painted it the paint would burn off the first time you used the relax, don't worry, have a home brew...
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      Re: Do I need to paint the lintel?

      G'day Darbster
      Same from me, I have a spare set of lintels in the shed ready tap out the old and put in the new, not been needed for 4 years now.
      G'day Stablesprings
      Looked through your pics .... Enjoyed them .... Particularly taken with the shape of you dome.....well done!
      Regards to you both
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        Re: Do I need to paint the lintel?

        Thanks for the reassurance guys!
        (no home brew Mike, but enjoyed some local craft brew : )