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Refractory fire clay adding layers

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  • Refractory fire clay adding layers

    hey guys! New time poster here so hopefully Iím placing this in the right section!

    I started my pizza oven today, my initial dome base is a refractory fire clay. An issue I ran in to was, as I added extra layers to climb the fire clay up the dome, the higher layers would weigh down the lower ones.

    This meant I had to use a bit more fireclay than I expected.

    Heres the issue.... I ran out of fireclay bags before I could finish the pizza oven! Now thereís a section from the top of the dome formwork that hasnít been covered!

    I intend to buy buy a couple of more fireclay bags tomorrow, to finish the work.

    I want know, are there any recommendations on the best way to add this top layer? Iím worried cracking will occur as the rest of the fireclay would have had 24 hour to dry in the meantime.

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    Pictures of the bag the clay came in?


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      I donít have pictures, but I have a link to the spec sheet of the refractory fire clay from the manufacturer: