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  • Essential pizza tools

    I have a Napolino 60 oven... Not sure what I need for essential tools. I'm going to get a 13in peel, 8in turning peel for sure. Do I need a coal rake, coal scoop and brush (natural or brass bristle)?

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    I have one of these: and it works great for cleaning soot and other debris from the cooking floor and the scraper end is good for removing cheese spills.


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      Hi Bwhite,

      Yes you will need a coal rake and scoop but when it comes to a brush be aware that metal brushes brass or wire can break off leaving nasty pieces laying on the hearth that then can get stuck to the base of your pizza and potentially be ingested.

      There was a case here in Australia at a commercial pizzeria where a customer had a piece of wire lodged in his throat after eating a pizza and had to be sent to hospital to have it removed I think it cost the pizzeria about $10,000 in damages

      IMO a natural bristle brush works just fine and if you have some burnt bits on the hearth that you need to clean wet your brush with some water

      Cheers Doug


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        A major +1 on the natural fiber brushes. Here is a link to good thread Official- Show off your tools by V-wiz . I just figured out recently that member moderators have the ability to stickie a thread. Consider it done
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          I even don't know much about this kind of Pizza tools. Thank you so much for sharing with us. LOL!


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            I took a longish piece of 1/2" copper tubing and flattened one end. I can use it to easily clear the floor of ash by blowing through it. (it might help that I'm a tuba player). With the fire going well the asjhjust spirals up the chimney once you get it airborne.
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              The pizza tool kit on this site (fornobravo) looks like a high quality set and it is pretty reasonable at $395 USA funds. The long blue (nylon? plastic?) handles at first didn't really appeal to me .. but now I am starting to like the set. I have yet to order it. There are higher cost sets, with very nice wooden handles and so on, but these sets are seemingly just too expensive.

              Has anyone mounted their pizza oven tools on the side of their oven? I am thinking of doing this ...


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                It was interesting, I didn't even know it was done that way.