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  • Cast dome keystone

    I apologize if this has been asked/answered before. I tried to search before posting... Anyway, has anyone replaced the final course and keystone with a cast in place part? I figure rather than cutting a bunch of funky parts, it might be easier to brace a form under the almost completed dome and just cast in place the final ~10"ish diameter section. Any thoughts??


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    Yes, this has been done a matter of fact melbourne ovens kits tell you to do that. I however like the brick look much better. Here is the link their video on how to build their brick oven kit shows them pouring the dome keystone...the time on the video where it shows this is 4:30
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      Most folks have the hang of cutting bricks by that point and it's easier to just get it done than set up a whole new process. No reason it wouldn't work, but lack of patience would argue against it.
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