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Advice on Fixing/Sanding Down a Crack

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  • Advice on Fixing/Sanding Down a Crack

    Hey guys,

    Have noticed a crack in my perlite insulation at the front of the arch which seems quite significant, no other noticeable cracking thankfully.

    Figured I'd find a way to fix it before I render the oven, I'll probably look to sand down/cut the front anyway as I want my render to sit flush with the steel arch (any recommendations on that?).

    I'm thinking the crack may have been cause by the steel arch itself getting hot and expanding, so I'm worried this may happen again and may be even worse if I don't fix it properly. It seems to have gotten worse with the last few firings.

    Have attached some photos, let me know your thoughts around fixing the crack and sanding down the perlite so the final render can be flush with the arch, I'm worried by sanding down or cutting it, the vibrations may cause further cracking or damage.