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Olive oil is healthy

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  • Olive oil is healthy

    Phew. Here is an article from our local paper, the Press Democrat:

    "Researcher's may have pinned down one important reason for the positive effect olive oil appears to have on cardiovascular health: It contains a naturally occurring anti-inflamitory chemical.

    The substance, which researchers call oleocanthal, has the same anit-inflamitory effect as durgs like Ibuprofen and Aspirin, which can inhibit the sometimes harmful effects of enzymes called cox-1 and cox-2. The report appears in the Sept. 1 issue of Nature.

    Researchers are speculating that health benefits widely linked with the Mediterranean diet, which is reach is rich in olive oil, may stem at least in part from the same mechanism."

    I feel much better...

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    Last year we purchased a house / ruin in the small Spanish village of Fondales in the Alpujarras between Granada and the cost. Most of the indigenous population are now very old and in some cases rather infirm, however, their general health and age is exelent. Most folks in Fondales and the Alpujarras produce their own olive oil and consume it in vast quantities. We have been very lucky with our new villagers as they have a small surplus of oil at times that we can obtain from them. The tast, texture, smell and coulor of the oil is like nothing one can obtain from a shop in the Uk. So perhaps its true - more oil doctor
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