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  • Question on eGullet

    We are getting a nice response to the Caputo flour. Folks really like it, and we are already starting to see people order it for the second time. So I guess this is a good idea that we should keep pursuing.

    With that in mind, is anyone an eGullet member? I think it would be valuable to make a posting there on the flour. There are various eGullet pizza threads that could benefit from knowing that you can buy the Caputo Tipo 00 on line. It wouldn't be right for me to make a commercial posting there -- but if one of our forum members thinks it would be valuable to make a posting, that would be good.

    Did you see the FB Forum has grown to over 200 members? Very nice.

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    I saw someone ask about it there and was minded to join just to inform them.. but then I figured that someone would block my post as suspicious since I'm not yet a member.