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Dough Not Rising with Caputo "Classica"

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    I use instant dried yeast when I'm not making sourdough. I have always found it convenient and repeatable but I'm curious about the improvement in taste you report with active dried yeast. I can't think why there should be a noticeable difference unless the process is also quite different.

    Regardless of the yeast, it should not take five hours in an airing cupboard with the amount of yeast in your formula. I find that the initial proving takes 2 to 3 hours for me at a cool room temperature and I start with cold water.


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      Well, it seems I've made some progress with this flour - having opted for an overnight prove at just above room temperature, in an enclosed space. Just for completeness, the water was Acqua Panna out of a glass bottle. I formed the doughballs the next morning, then cooked late that evening. So total resting time was about 20 hours. I did reduce the salt to 15g as recommended (but definitely would not want to go lower than this). This is a general-purpose flour, but in terms of workability and taste did not seem different from their "Pizza Chef" type.


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        Definitely got some air in it now

        I guess the verdict is that the high temperatures of either the water or proving place were killing the yeast... Low and slow makes the tastiest bread imo