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Tracking an order from FB Store

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  • Tracking an order from FB Store

    I received an email confirmation of my order for a 55 lb bag of the Caputo Flour a week ago, and it said to click on the site to track this order. I have been unable to locate anything on that page that will allow me to find out what has happened to my order. Can anyone help? Please.?
    Jim B. Gibbs

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    Re: Tracking an order from FB Store

    Have faith - JimBob!!! I've ordered more than a few things from FB and they are very reliable. I'd give them a call if you have a concern. They are very helpful.

    No relation or involvment with FornoBravo - Just a happy customer.

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      Re: Tracking an order from FB Store

      Thanks Christo.
      I have ordered from them before and it arrived at my home in Memphis in less than a week. That's why I was concerned. Would like to know what site to go to track it though for future reference if nothing else.
      Anyway, i ordered the big bag of flour because my friends and I are so impressed with the great taste of my pizzas. Previously I had purchased the 5 x 2.2 lb bags of it. But when I ran low, mixed it half & half with whole wheat bread flour. Still very good.

      Have a great day,
      Jim Bob