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Trader Joe's Brand flour

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    Re: Trader Joe's Brand flour

    I do get it at Restaurant Depot in Sacramento. They carry the Peak Performer, but not the Ultimate Performer, I have tried a few emails to Giustos about the difference, but haven't heard back. The new Whole Foods in our area uses Ultimate Performer, I asked a manager if I could buy a 50# off them and he took a few minutes to go through his books and look things up and said yes I could for $73 a bag. I literally laughed at him and walked out.


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      Re: Trader Joe's Brand flour

      Here is the latest on TJ's flour. I received a pleasant, though vague email from TJ's customer service. Here is my reading: they make it clear that King Arthur also does not operate their own mills, which could lead you to guess that TJ's simply went upstream to purchase flour from the same contract mills who make KA.

      That said, who contracts to buy the grains? KA/TJ or the mill? It's worth noting that TJ sells the same White Whole Wheat that KA brought to market with some fanfare a few years ago.

      What do you think?

      The flour itself seems to work very well.


      From TJ's on April 7, 2009

      Hi James,

      Thank you for writing to us about our switch to Trader Joe's
      label flour. We are happy to have carried King Arthur Flour for over 10
      years, they are a good company and are very good at marketing the King
      Arthur brand. However, in order to continue to give our customers a
      high-quality flour at an impossibly low price, we needed to switch to
      the Trader Joe's label.

      Like King Arthur, we do not own mills or produce our own baking mixes,
      we must contract with others to produce our flour. It did not make
      sense for us to continue to pay costs associated with marketing a brand
      name, when we can contract for flour of comparable quality and pass the
      savings on to our customers. Due to non disclosure contracts we cannot
      disclose who mills our flour. The retail for Trader Joe's Flour is
      $2.99. We hope you will give Trader Joe's Flour a try.

      Thanks for your interest in our products, and thanks for shopping at
      Trader Joe's! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to
      contact us.
      Trader Joes
      Customer Relations
      Pizza Ovens
      Outdoor Fireplaces


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        Re: Trader Joe's Brand flour

        Originally posted by james View Post
        which could lead you to guess that TJ's simply went upstream to purchase flour from the same contract mills who make KA.
        I feel your thinking is right on. OEM is the way the world is going. It's like LCD TV's - everyone is buying the same screen from Panasonic or Samsung (I don't recall which one rules). I am going to give it a try because the stated price is CHEAP.

        Thanks James,

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