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San Marzano tomatoes - redux

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  • San Marzano tomatoes - redux

    We made pizza without San Marzano tomatoes yesterday -- and I was struck by how big the difference is between the those, and a high-end U.S. whole peeled tomato.

    Basically, we ran out of the good San Marzano's (that Forno Bravo sells) at the house, and I was lazy, and decided to not drive down to the warehouse to pick up a can. I found a can of Progresso whole peeled tomatoes to use in the pantry. First, they are really tough. I tried mashing them with my potato masher -- to no avail, and I ended up having to us a stick blender. The sauce was thin and the flavor just wasn't the same. There really wasn't any nice meat to the tomatoes. The sauce wasn't as fresh or bright tasting. I tried to gussy it up with olive oil, salt and oregano, but again to no aval.

    For me, the lesson is "use the good tomaotes." I guess this is a shameless plug -- but hey, it's still good advice.

    Enjoy your long weekend,
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