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Pizzeria Paradiso, Georgetown D.C.

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  • Pizzeria Paradiso, Georgetown D.C.

    I'm going on record: two big thumbs down on the pizza at this place. What a disappointment.
    I had the di Mare, Boy had the special which was pepperoni (or some other meat I don't recall)/pineapple.
    I'm pretty sure they don't make their own dough. It was weird and crackery on the outside and had zero flavor and no chew whatsoever...distinctly mass produced and processed seeming and definitely NOT WFO worthy. Also not worth the lovely ingredients it held. We left all of the overly fat cornices on the plate which would never happen at Casa Splatgirl nor at our favorite WFO restaurant. On the bright side, the panzanella appetizer was super tasty and the olives for an amuse bouche are a nice touch. And the killer key lime-coconut bar I got next door at Dean and Deluca for dessert rocked.

    Made me sad I didn't go with my other WFO option, Radius. At the very least, they would have gotten points for having their pies named after all our favorite motorcycle brands.

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    Re: Pizzeria Paradiso, Georgetown D.C.

    Agreed, I was underwhelmed the last time I was there and haven't been back.

    If you're still in town, I highly recommend 2 Amy's (my favorite WFO restaurant in DC) or Il Canala. Haven't tried Radius.