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  • Fritti Atlanta

    No review yet - but will be heading there on Tue night. It is a VPN pizzeria, so I am really excited. I am leading a deal team for my boring day job and we are gearing up for battle on Wed. I have people coming in from Canada and the UK for the showdown - but I of course took the time to find a hotel that was close to Fritti and have already secured reservations! Hey the deal is only worth $150MM so at least I have my priorities straight!! Check back on Tues for a review.

    BTW - I had a grilled vegetable pizza at Nordstrom (of all places) today that was actually pretty good. Cooked in a fugazi gas-fired woodstone oven, but the toppings made it pretty good - mushrooms, peppers, roasted asparagus.

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    Re: Fritti Atlanta

    Hi Jay,

    I'm not sure whether to say good luck on the deal, or have a great pizza! Nel buco del' lupo.

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      Re: Fritti Atlanta

      Well the deal meeting went great...although I am stranded for the night in Atlanta. I almost went to Fritti again.

      Really cool place - it used to be a gas station. Fun bar, great patio in Virginia Highlands section of Atlanta. Pretty nice crowd for a Tues night. Very good menu with some nice looking appetizers and salads - although everyone was having pizza.

      They had 2 woodburning ovens on either side of the make line for the pizzas. I had a Regina Margherita (basil, san marzano, bufala) and my buddy had Salsiccia (bufala, sausage, broccoli rabe). The sauce was nice and light and the bufala was very creamy without being runny. The only minor deductions were for the crust - I like a bit more of a cornicone and some more charring. It was a little too light for me...but those are only minor deductions. They also had a nice Italian wine list - we enjoyed some barbera. I did take some pics of the pizza with my phone and will try and get them posted. If I was by myself I would have ordered a few more pizzas just to try the different types. Here is the website:

      Fritti Restaurant - Italian Dining, Atlanta

      I still think my favorite VPN spot has been A16 in SF. I've got to finagle a deal in Chicago so I can try Spacca Napoli.