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Pizza in Naples

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  • Pizza in Naples

    Just returnes from 2 week holiday in Italy. WOW pizza was good everywere. Pizzaiuolo in Florence was my favorite until I got to Naples. we went to Bellini, Sorbillo, Brandi, DeMateo. Unfortunately the last day there was a sunday so we couldnt go to De Michele or Trianon or any or the other good ones, although I think they are all good in Naples. We went back to Bellini's on sunday afternoon and took a break on sunday night and eat pasta. My favorite in Naples was DeMateo, then Brandi then Sorbillo's. I was extatic while eating at these places. Bellini's the second time was not as good as DeMateo or Brandi and more expensive, smaller pizza as well but still very good and worth a visit. One of the differences between there pizza and mine I think was the Olive oil. Strangely after 2 weeks I put on 2 KG but my blood pressure dropped. We did drink a lot of wine and prosseco and some sweets.

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    Re: Pizza in Naples

    I wish I could have been there with you. :-) I've always thought Pizzaiuolo was a "mini me" for the Naples pizzerias; it's very good, but not the real thing. Bellini's has great fish, after a pizza starter, and I couldn't agree more that you can taste to olive oil.

    2KG after two weeks of vacation. That's not bad.

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