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Homeslice, Wells Street, London

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  • Homeslice, Wells Street, London

    Went here for the first time the other day. The pizza was excellent, and being 20" was best shared between two people. (In fact, the tables were pretty small and I don't see how you could have got two pizzas on one table - not withstanding the fact that you ate by hand off paper plates.)

    The toppings were a bit unusual, but OK. However I could not fault the base or the sauce - very good indeed! Also, they let you have different toppings on each half.

    The oven was massive; it was a Gozney. I don't know what wood they were using (maybe I should have asked).

    Not cheap at ?20 per pizza, but very good value considering the size and quality.

    When we got back to the office, a co-worker accused me of having a 'pizza fetish'"! I took that as a compliment.
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