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Laboratorio Pizza, Great Portland Street, London

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  • Laboratorio Pizza, Great Portland Street, London

    This little gem has just opened in the heart of West London, a mere 5-minute walk north from Oxford Circus.

    My verdict? In a word: Excellent!

    Their oven is a Stefano Ferrara, currently running on gas (due to local regulations) but wood-capable. And their pizzas are in true Neapolitan style, virtually textbook VPN. (And of course, they taste glorious.)

    The Italian owner would be happy to talk about pizzas and ovens all day. I asked him what flour they use, and not surprisingly he confirmed Caputo.

    (One or two of their pizzas are 'white' by the way, i.e. no tomato sauce, so don't fall foul of that!)

    Check it out, folks!


    Here's one they made earlier...

    Click image for larger version

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    Talking to the guy again today, he says that they hope to open fully (i.e. to go in and sit down) on 4 July. At the moment it's takeaway only, from the door, and he says that they cannot survive like this indefinitely.
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    I tried their Margarita and to be honest I didn't really like it. There was not enough topping and too much dough.. however, my friends liked their pizzas.


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      I tasted your pizza, it's the best in town! I'm a pizza fan, and I think I've tried all the pizza in San Diego. I even have a Friday ritual. I order pizza from various best San Diego restaurants every Friday night and then make my personal rating of the best pizzas in the city. I think in the near future I will even start a blog on YouTube where I will talk about the best pizzas. I think it will be quite interesting to watch especially for local residents who will be able to find out where to order pizza in their city.
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        Looks very appetizing! I will be in London - I will definitely come and try. The pizza is really delicious, real. Doesn't look like plastic or dry. I love juicy and mouth-watering pizzas that don't have to be washed down with liters of cola.


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          Well anyway.... it's gone. Forever. Just like so many others.


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            It's strange to hear this I know, but the best pizza that I ever tried wasn't in Italy, even though I liked it very much there, but it was in a small fast food restaurant that I found in Greece.


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              Thanks for sharing this gem! In the picture, it looks really yummy.
              Besides, I’m going to London next week and going Christmas shopping at Oxford Circus. So, I would appreciate it if you shared the postcode or the location of this place. Coz because the area is tricky, you can easily get lost there.
              I also need a couple of good places to dine out. I need to adjust to local food. I found one fantastic local restaurant in Germany that serves the best meat ever. I need something similar in London.


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                Laboratorio Pizza on Great Portland Street is a real find. Their Stefano Ferrara oven and authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, made with Caputo flour, are top-notch. And don't forget to ask the Italian owner about their pizzas and ovens – he's a true enthusiast. Speaking of great spots, when I'm craving something yummy, I head over to my favorite Irish cafe. There's nothing quite like enjoying a hearty meal in a cozy setting. So, Laboratorio Pizza is definitely on my list to try, and I appreciate the heads-up about their dine-in plans starting July 4th.
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