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Pizzeria, Lacanau Ocean, SW France

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  • Pizzeria, Lacanau Ocean, SW France

    Had a good pizza in Lacanau Ocean on the west coast of France last weekend - there are a number of pizzerias in this small resort but a quick glance at the pizzas on the plates put me off parting with any cash. Just as I was starting to think of a bowl of moules I found this crowded pizzeria on the main street on the beach. It was interesting as all the diners were inside - unusual on such a sunny day - and also difficult to view the pizzas being eaten. I just caught sight of a Calzone which looked pretty good so I gambled & went in.

    Inside was typical pizzeria, complete with an array of certificates and old photos of the pizziolo flinging huge pizza doughs in the air - the pizzaiolo was the same (though much older) but the place was different. He was tucked away at the back of the room and was quietly studying the diners as he shaped & created the pizzas.

    I was squeezed onto a table and ordered a napolitana which I use as a benchmark and tends to be more reasonably priced than others - happily it's also one of my favorites!

    Anyway, it arrived after a short wait and I was nicely surprised - it wasn't in the D.O.C category, but was certainly worth the ?8 it cost. The base was a traditional Italian type, thin, crusty, chewy and slightly charred. The topping was fresh and nicely proportioned. I had a 50cl (nearly 1 pint) carafe of rose for around ?5 to complete the meal and left very happy to recommend;

    La Gondole
    2 Boulevard de la Plage
    33680 Lacanau Ocean
    My rustic oven;