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  • Great Focaccia Recipe

    Hey all,

    If you haven't read it yet -- check out Peter's new Focaccia Genovese dough recipe on Pizza Quest.

    Focaccia Dough Recipe, Genoa-Style

    This posting is under the "Instructionals" section of Pizza Quest, and it's great. There is a very thorough description of the dough making process, and I thought it was really interesting to note that Peter's hydration for the dough is 78% (a lot higher than pizza dough), and that there is olive in the dough (check out the dough prep description) as well as on the baking pan, the top of the shaped dough, etc.

    He also recommends a Silpat, which I think is a great idea. It works really well.

    Personally, I have fond memories of Genova. There is a great aquarium there, and we spend my birthday there three times when the kids were younger. I can still taste the seafood stew. :-)

    You can even try the focaccia recipe with a Ligurian olive oil. I think it is a little leaner and Tuscan olive oil -- perfect for focaccia.

    Thanks Peter!
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