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  • Traditional Italian Pizza Webisode, Music, SF Stories

    New content on Pizza Quest!

    Tony Makes a Traditional Italian Pizza
    "In this webisode, Tony shows us the difference between what he calls a "traditional Italian pizza" and the Napoletana/Neapolitan pizzas he made in previous segments. I think we might also more accurately think of this as "traditional Italian-American" pizza."

    Guest Column
    Sssshhhhhhh....It's a Secret
    By John Arena
    "Lately I?ve been thinking about New Orleans. The Crescent City has a huge Sicilian heritage yet it has never been known as a great pizza city. We will explore why at a later date because right now let?s think about something New Orleans is famous for and how it relates to pizza -- music."

    Peter's Blog
    Peter's Blog, Oct. 28th, SF
    Peter's Blog, Nov. 1st
    Peter's Blog, November 8th, 2011

    Special note from Peter (11/8 blog post): "I want to welcome our newest sponsor to Pizza Quest, our friends from Central Milling in Petaluma, California. This company is headed up by my longtime friend, Keith Giusto, one of the finest bakers in America and also one of our greatest millers--rarely does someone possess world class skills in both realms, and we're very proud to have Central Milling in our growing stable of Pizza Quest sponsors."
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