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Pizza stone on Ducane gas grill - perfect results

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  • Pizza stone on Ducane gas grill - perfect results

    This was the first site to pop up in a pizza stone search and it happens to be the best one. Reporting back after 40-50 pizzas later (I know, a rookie still).

    Happened upon a "Little Green Egg" brand stone while wandering around St. Augustine FL... it's 14 inches round and at roughly 3/4 inch thick it has enuf mass to hold the heat.

    The grill is a 3 burner all stainless steel Ducane about 5 years old. It has a radiant burner but is not needed. 550F seems to be an ideal temp for us.
    Heat is set very precisely each time to high side of medium (now marked in pencil on the barbie) .. all 3 burners are called to duty.
    Pizza is done in approx 5-7 minutes depending on quantity of ingredients, bottom is medium brown with small areas of char. The top has golden brown edges and a lick of char on the highest point of toppings.

    Since there seems to be little consensus in preheating time, we started with an hour as reported by some. Turns out we only need 15 minutes, later bot an infrared thermometer to know exactly when at 550F.

    To keep the pizza from sticking, we first used something labeled "corn meal" but it was pretty much just flour. Had terrible results with the pizza sticking to the peel making for some colorful language. Spartan use of "corn grits" is much more effective for a stick-free peel. Now I don't have to over-dust with flour before assembling .... this resulted in a better tasting pizza.

    We have been to L'Antica in Naples and loved it so now we make the "Napoli" dough recipe found on this site. Remember less is more for the best pizza.

    For a 12 inch Margarita style, 1 cup of mozza, 2 thin sliced plum tomatoes, sprinkles of oregano,thyme,rosemary, 2 really thin sliced garlic cloves and later some fresh basil leaves. Outstanding and simple to the point of rustic.

    have fun.
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