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Did you make arches w/o a 10" brick saw?

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  • Did you make arches w/o a 10" brick saw?

    I'm definitely in the remedial class for oven building, and had planned to make it all as basic and easy as possible. However, after reading many, many threads, I'm inspired, and thinking about making arches, instead of a flat oven entry. Will this be possible with my cheapo HF tile saw that requires two passes? I'd like to avoid dropping $300 on the HF brick saw it I can, and can put up with imperfections.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: Did you make arches w/o a 10" brick saw?

    You do not even need to cut the bricks to make an arch, it just looks better. The ones in my avatar are not cut.


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      Re: Did you make arches w/o a 10" brick saw?

      I did not rely on the brick saw that much for my arch brick. Though I did use some brick saw cuts for spacers.

      I have no doubt that I could have built a fully functional WFO with a brick set as others have done on this forum. A tile saw and a brick set, even better. However, the 10" brick saw from HF is the "little red wagon" that I did not have when I was a kid . It is the "big boy's toy" that you will have a lot of fun with . It opens up a lot of options, creativity, and just makes the project easier. And, as more than one have said on this site, you can get most (if not all) of your money back on Craigs List when you are done with it .

      just sayin'
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