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Two Stone Baking

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  • Two Stone Baking

    Well it had to happen sooner or later - I will travel to see a freind soon and we've talked about pizza so much they want to make pizza when I visit. For the first time in months, I'm going to have to make pizza the old fashioned way.....

    They have a bit more money than we do so I will have the oppurtunity to see how well a WOLF Oven works. It also looks like we will have 8 adults and 8 kids....

    So I want to try a two stone approach to feed that many folks before midnight. With my oven I wouldn't worry at all....

    Has anyone done this successfully and if so are there any tips to this?

    The plan is to complete two pizzas on peels and zip them on stones in the upper third of the oven. I think the stones are too large to go side by side so they will likely be on separate racks.

    Any insight to managing this indoor fest would be appreciated!!!


    My oven progress -

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    Re: Two Stone Baking

    My only insight is to check the timing of the higher rack positions. I assume you normally place your stone on the bottom rack. This is the coolest location so that the crust gets done while the topping doesn't burn. I am also assuming you only have one stone at home.

    You can try higher rack positions with your stone, record the time, and compare identical pie at the bottom rack. You could then stagger the insertions at your friends' house. Or you could make different toppings for the upper racks than the lower racks -- more burn resistant?

    . . . idle thoughts. I've never tried since I only have one pizza stone.


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      Re: Two Stone Baking

      Give it lots of time. I have this memory of trying to make a number of pizzas for the family using our conventional oven, and I calculated everything completely wrong. We ate after midnight. :-)

      Also, calculate that the pizzas will take more time as the evening progresses.

      Pre-heat for a long time.

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