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New Type of Pizza Stone

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  • New Type of Pizza Stone

    It is a combination of a pizza stone and a forno oven...I am not trying to sell these, nor do I have an affiliation with them, just thought it was interesting and wondered if anybody has tried them??

    I can't seem to attach the URL, cause my level isn't high enough. I will post and try to add link after.

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    Re: New Type of Pizza Stone

    Stovetop Ceramic Pizza Oven Bakes Perfect Pizza | Inventor Spot


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      Re: New Type of Pizza Stone

      then slide it into a pre-heated Hakuho oven for about 20 minutes.
      20 minutes? I think the light-bulb fired easy-bake was faster than that.

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        Re: New Type of Pizza Stone

        Prez Bush signed the U.S. Energy Bill a few weeks back. It essentially outlaws the 100w bulb by 2012.

        Will this be the final nail in the coffin for the venerable Easy-Bake oven? Will Easy-Bake owners start hoarding bulbs? Did congress, even for a minute, consider the impact of such legislation on parents that have relied on the Easy-Bake to teach generations of young homemakers how to cook?

        How the heck do you heat an Easy-Bake oven with LED's?!?

        "psssst... hey buddy. I have some 100watters in my trunk. How many you need? Only $50 a bulb"

        OK... enough of that. Let's get back to building *real* pizza ovens
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          Re: New Type of Pizza Stone

          Hahahahhahahahahhaha!!!! Funny, funny! My gut is bustin'
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            Re: New Type of Pizza Stone

            Ditto Ken, (George's comments)
            I am driving home from what seems already a very long week.

            That helped.