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Cooking surface in the WFO

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  • Cooking surface in the WFO

    Has anyone put any alternative cooking surfaces in an WFO like a steel plate or granite, ect. for different thermal characteristics. That is, alternative cooking surfaces to the straight fire brick surface. If so, please share any thoughts or experiences. thx John
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    Re: Cooking surface in the WFO

    Steel baking surfaces (aka pans) are generally frowned on for pizza and hearth breads, although they have their use for smaller things like rolls and cookies. Granite has the reputation for popping off shards at high heat, besides I don't know what the advantage of stone over brick would be.
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      Re: Cooking surface in the WFO

      I had the opportunity to buy an old blogget pizza oven when I was building my WFO, they use a composite material for the deck which is perfectly smooth, Unortunately I couldnt find enough information if it would withstand the higher heat of a WFO, So i chickened out... Would love to know if anyone else has tried other materials..