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FB e-book yeast % discripency. Help needed.

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  • FB e-book yeast % discripency. Help needed.


    I just made my first pizza using my new Primavera 60 oven. I used the Vera Pizza Napoletana dough recipe from the wood fired pizza e-book that came with the CD provided with the oven. The recipe (by weight) provided in the e-book was as follows:

    500 g Molino Caputo Tipo 00 flour
    325 water (65% hydration)
    10 g salt (2%)
    10 g active dry yeast (2%)

    I mixed it up according to instructions and put in the refrigerator overnight. The dough rose much higher than expected. Pizzas turned out nice, but dough was a bit hard to handle.

    I had downloaded the e-book from the Forno Bravo website earlier, and when I looked at that copy, it called out 3 g active dry yeast (0.6 %). I was quite surprised that there would be a discrepency between the 2 e-books. Briefly looking through the forums, it seems like the 3 g of yeast is the correct one to use, but was just hoping someone could verify this for me, since I'm just a beginner at this. Can't wait to make more pizzas!


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    Re: FB e-book yeast % discripency. Help needed.

    Hi Sue,

    Welcome to the forum! And glad you are venturing into the wood fired oven world! It is a ton of fun.

    I use the smaller amount of instant yeast in my pizza dough. I think the 10g would be enough yeast to get the dough ready to cook in a very short time! (the longer time should help the flour develop more flavor - more time = improved flavor? so the short time is not always best...) I will use the 3g (or maybe even a bit less). I typically mix the dough the same day we will use it... mix it four to six hours before we will start, and then form into balls maybe two hours before use. It doesn't raise a whole bunch for me in either phase, but it does raise some, and it puff's up well when it hits the heat of the oven. I try to keep the oven at 750 to 800 degree's F for cooking pizza.

    I still haven't settled on the correct amount of water for our process. I like to use a bit more than the formula calls for, but the Mrs.'s prefers the way the dough handles with the amount listed in the formula. The dough ends up a bit more sticky and stretchy with more water. And the amount of water you use can vary a bit based on the specific flour you use (higher protein flour will absorb more water - and you want high protein flour to make pizza dough). It makes good pizza either way... more a matter of how it handles.

    Glad to see you here on the forum, I hope my comments help.



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      Re: FB e-book yeast % discripency. Help needed.

      Thanks Jed!

      I really appreciate the feedback. I will try using 3 g of active dry yeast this week and see how it goes. I'm having my first official get together Sunday evening, so I'd like to get some practice in before then. Will definitely follow your suggestions!

      The weather here in Arizona is just great, so I'm really happy to have my Primavera now.