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Kneading: Rubberyness

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  • Kneading: Rubberyness

    Just wondering if there is any correlation between the time that the dough is kneaded and the rubberyness of the dough.

    Of late, I have been doing about a 4 minute machine knead and then another 4 mins bench knead, and the results are quite rubbery. That is, stretch the dough and it springs back to it's original position.

    I am using biga, allowed 1 hr bench proofing, and overall the pizza bases have been quite crisp and tasty ... only a bit "springy" to work with. Perhaps a bit longer on the bench will soften it up??
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    Re: Kneading: Rubberyness

    We found that the use of oo flour reduced the rubberyness of the dough and we always use it for pizza dough now.
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