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What to do with leftover pizza toppings

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  • What to do with leftover pizza toppings

    I usually buy the big pack of Citterio brand prosciutto at Costco when I've got a big party. Last time I discovered they've changed the packaging so that it is divided up into two separate units...HUGE WIN, as I don't typically use anywhere near the whole thing but it's one of the only prosciuttos that is easily available and the price is sure right.

    That got me thinking of the non-pizza ways I like to use up my leftover toppings, of which I typically have lots.

    For the prosciutto, the obvious choice is always sandwiches or snacks with cheese and olives, but I also love to fry it up in a little olive oil until it's crispy and then crumble to use as a salad topping or pasta dish garnish.

    Veg usually gets used in omlettes, frittata, or breakfast burritos. Chopped fresh herbs in vinagrettes or onto leftover dough blobs for foccacia. Fresh mozz...marinated and eaten as a snack or with tomato/basil

    If anything, I sometimes end up throwing out some sauce, but considering it takes 3 minutes to make and I can get a whole summers' worth of parties out of one or two of the restaurant size cans of "san marzanos" from Costco at about $3 a pop, I can live with that.

    What are your favorite post-pizza party leftover uses? (besides more pizza, of course!)

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    Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

    My normal extras are caremalized onions with balsamic vinegar, sauteed mushrooms, and tomato sauce, and white cream sauce (shallots, onions sauteed, cream, thyme, salt, white pepper). And of course cheese.... Most other things i prep to pretty much the amount needed.

    I use the caremalized onions on fish, pork chops, and sometimes chicken; the mushrooms with omelots, salads, and meats; white cream sauce with fish. And I use the tomato sauce (usually doctored with more herbs, cream, etc.) on fish, pasta, chicken. I will guess you have your own plans for leftover cheese.

    I need to buy some Costco san Marzanos!


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      Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

      Oh yea, white sauce. I have a boatload ATM. I'm going to try freezing most of it and the rest, well, fettucini alfredo. Such torture. I hate it when I have to eat alfredo.

      Did I tell you guys I made my white sauce with bacon fat instead of butter last time? HOLY YUM. Highly recommended.

      White sauce, aka bechamel, can easily be converted to mornay by adding cheese which then becomes the perfect excuse for mac and cheese. Just add to very al dente cooked pasta, garnish with some of that crispy prosciutto and bread crumbs and bake till bubbly. In this case you don't even have to melt the cheese into the sauce but can just grate and toss everything together. Any old scraps of whatever you have on hand will work.
      Sauce mornay is also awesome spread on bread and topped with chopped fresh tomatoes and more parmesan and then broiled.

      I say "san marzanos" because they are faux, but a very tasty whole canned tomato none the less.


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        Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

        I haven't used bechamel - mine is just cream - I use it very lightly under mushrooms.

        I should try bechame! As you point out it is a versatile ingredient.

        Had a great panini today with crispy pancetta, arugula, mozz. Can also use prosciuto....

        I knew the Costco SMs were faux but you and others have commented on their quality and I keep forgetting they exist!



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          Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

          yep - Omlettes & frittata are the usual fare.

          I like to make all the leftovers into Calzones.
          (only if I'm not dead on my feet ...or...umm....not too hammered )

          They freeze ok, and are an easy easy work lunch - Anything that gets me out of having to make my lunch at 6am is fantastic!
          My 2nd Build:
          Is here


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            Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

            I don't have much left overs because i prepare my toppings from fresh ingredients. Any left overs usually go into an omelete for brekky the next morning if that doesn't happen or there is still more it usually goes into a homemade pasta dish. Rarely they are used with salad but very rarely.

            I love watching my crust rise and change colour in my WFO.


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              Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

              my extra left over toppings usually end up in next morning omelets.

              they seem to make perfect toppings.
              olives, tomatoes, mozarella, onions, ham... I'm getting hungry,.


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                Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

                What are left overs ?
                is that the people who sleep infront of my oven waiting for more pizza


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                  Re: What to do with leftover pizza toppings

                  PLT's. Prosciutto, Lettuce and Tomato. Spread some Aioli on some toasted good bread, stack up the P, L & T and yum, yum, eat 'em up!

                  Veggies and sauce? Chicken Cacciatore.