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Blue bag and Red bag Caputo

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  • Blue bag and Red bag Caputo

    Is there any real difference between blue bag of Caputo and the red bag other than size of bag?

    I have been using the red 2.2 ib bags and never really compared to blue bag. The Caputo website gives them different product names. Does anyone know if theyare the same product?

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    Re: Blue bag and Red bag Caputo

    The store says they're the same. I used the little red bags and then moved to the big blue bag and don't notice any difference.
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      Re: Blue bag and Red bag Caputo

      Hi guys,

      The confusing part is that there are two blue bags. The big 25kg blue bag is Caputo Pizzeria flour -- the flour used by most restaurants without any blending. We sell that on the FB Store.

      The small 1kg red bag that we sell on the FB Store is Pizzeria flour -- the same as the 25kg blue bag.

      The small 1kg blue bag (that we used to sell, but do not sell any more) is a general purpose flour that was formulated to demo Caputo. It was a little lighter than the Pizzeria flour. Putting the real Pizzeria flour in the small red bag for retail sale to consumers (as opposed to restaurants) was a step up. A good thing.

      I hope this helps.
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        Re: Blue bag and Red bag Caputo

        THANKS! So they little red 2.2 lb bags of caputo really are the pizzeria flour!