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Air bubbles in my pizza

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    Re: Air bubbles in my pizza

    Originally posted by Tscarborough View Post
    I use ADY which I feed and proof in warm water for 10 minutes prior to use.
    Hi all,
    Just wondering if it is really needed to get the yeast going by doing this?? A lot of recipes out there call to mix the yeast with warm water to 'wake it up', but when I use the FB method....this is not done (and I find it still works well). Has anyone tried the two different ways and found one to be better than the other?

    Also I agree with not using a rolling pin.....except when I make desert pizza ( I like a thin crisp base) and when I cook pizzas for the wife as she likes thin and crispy with no crust.



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      Re: Air bubbles in my pizza

      Hi Scott!

      If you use ADY (Active Dry Yeast) you need to proof it if you want predictable and consistent results. IF you use IDY (Instant Dry Yeast or Quick Rise Dry Yeast) you don't and can simply mix it in with the flour. The difference is that the ADY has bigger particles and about 1/3 or so the number of active yeast cells. It needs to get jump started to get it going. The smaller particles of the IDY disperse more thoroughly, the yeast is healthier (not heated so far). If you use ADY and don't proof it you will encounter longer proofing times (for a given measurement) and if you don't autolyze and mix well after the autolyze you are likely to get uneven yeast distribution.


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        Re: Air bubbles in my pizza

        So here's my attempt at pizza making, the three little piggies on the pizza tray!!! im happy with the result, the crust is golden brown top and bottom and nice and crispy but im aiming for more air bubbles through the pizza a light and fluffy result, same as in 2nd pic of pizza what do you guys reckon, what do i do to replicate piece of pizza in 2nd pic.
        Cheers for your help.


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          Re: Air bubbles in my pizza

          here's where im trying to get to, light and fluffy, and cristy lots of air in there.


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            Re: Air bubbles in my pizza

            Five key possibilities:
            1) higher protein flour (toppings always "crush" the center a bit so stronger dough helps.
            2) wetter dough
            3) fewer toppings
            4) "improved" pie forming skills (you need to start with a puffy pie)
            5) don't overproof

            You probably don't like the third option and the fourth is more evolutionary than straightforward (but the better videos and use finger tips and work from the outside in to the center are in the right direction.

            Most likely a combination of 1 and 2 will improve you a lot. Wetter dough can be a real challenge. I recommend making some 85% focaccia to get used to working with really wet doughs and to learn the benefits of wet dough.

            The fifth is something I am confident many of us violate for it is easy to have dough balls out too long. An somewhat underproofed dough ball will give more oven spring than a slightly over dough ball...

            Hope that helps!


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              Re: Air bubbles in my pizza


              I may have missed it, but how are you forming your pizza? Jay's right, you've got to start puffy to end puffy. You should try stretching a pizza skin and letting it rest a few minutes before topping/baking. That may give your base some time to re-inflate.