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Folded Pizza - Turnover History

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  • Folded Pizza - Turnover History

    A turnover by many other names: Many cultures prepare ?turnovers? where a piece of dough is wrapped around some type of filling, singular or in combination. I?m sure there are many twists to our basic folded pizza recipes. I loved the Stromoli?s that we bought from pizza joints in upper New York??How about a little history?

    Beerocks are a baked German pastry crust filled with meat and cabbage. (How about sauerkraut and smoked sausage for a twist.)

    Calzones are the Italian delicacy that means baggy pants. Calzones are made with floppy soft doughs but were strong enough to be carried. Calzones are made with many different dough?s but pizza dough works well. Calzones can be baked or fried but we?re more into baking for good health! Calzones, like Pasties and Empanadas now hold all kinds of fillings.

    Dim Sum is a small bite filled turnover with seasoned mixtures of meat, fish, or vegetables. There are varieties which can be baked, or fried, or boiled. I just love going to a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant and getting hit on by all the oriental servers (pushers) with their Din Sum items!

    Empanadas means sandwich in Spanish speaking countries. Empanadas are typically filled with ingredients unique the area in which they are made. Often empanadas are filled with ground meat or sweet potatoes or fruit or raisins. Many of these are made in corn dough crusts that are baked or fried.

    Fruit Turnovers made from pastry dough, fried or baked, or puff pastry varieties and even sweetened yeast bread doughs. We have a lovely quick fruit/cream cheese turnover recipe to try in the wood oven! I?ll post it later after we try it in the Horno Lena

    Pastelillos are Puerto Rican & Caribbean meat pies. Often made with yucca flour in a leavened dough filled with pork, ham, onions, olives, raisins, capers and/or egg. (Pastelillos Rellenos are a Colombian meat filled pie, pork filled version of an empanada.)

    Pasties were favorite foods of the Cornish miners from England. There are many varieties, but the most original were simple turnovers with potatoes, vegetables ground meat. Our recipe uses rutabagas or turnips and we'll try it in the wood fired oven and post pictures. The copper miners in the Keeweenaw mines took them down into the mines for their meal break over 100 years ago. This mixture was wrapped in a basic pastry crust. You can still find Pasty shops in the Upper Peninsular of Michigan. Remember the ketchup!

    Pastelitos Fritos are a Brazilian fried pastry turnover filled with meat or cheese.

    Pierogies are Polish turnovers-usually served as a side dish. They are filled with potatoes, or cheese or vegetables or fruits or combinations.
    Risole are a Brazilian fried turnover. It?s a boiled dough filled with meat, cheese, shrimp or hearts of palm mixtures. The turnovers are egg washed and dipped in manoic meal before frying.

    Salte?a is a baked South American (Peru and Chile) meat pie containing meats, potatoes, cheeses, onions, and sliced hardboiled egg and sliced olives.

    Samosas are fried East Indian turnovers filled with chick peas, parsley, barley, mutton and onion and spices.
    Sambosak Hulow is a Middle Eastern turnover made with a cookie dough and filled with chopped dates typically seasoned with sugar, butter, sesame seeds, cinnamon and cloves.

    Sanbousic is a fried Middle Eastern small turnover in the Arab world. Its filling is diced cheeses like feta, mozzarella, jarlsburg. They are seasoned with fresh chopped dill and served warm.
    Spanokopitas are Greek baked turnovers with spinach, cottage cheese, feta cheese and olives.

    Strombolis are a close relative of the calzone. A folded pizza that uses meat fillings. I had my first ones in Beacon, New York. They?re found on the Eastern US, northern that is!

    Now, just give it a try.....take some dough, put something in it...and put it in your oven. Worst is a sacrifice to the fire god....most likely a new taste treat!

    We had two today, they were cooked last baking, wrapped in foil and frozen. Just heated up in a slow oven. Nice lunch treat!

    Please add to this posting if you know the names of other "turnovers" or other options for fillings.

    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!

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    More on Pasties

    The night we made Empanadas (not as good as Stryke and Luis), we had an Irish family to dinner.

    They said that the origional Pasties has meat and potatoes on one end, and fruit on the other. The main course and dessert in a single, portable pie. I guess we're all glad we don't work in a coal mine, but the pies sounded good.
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      Re: Folded Pizza - Turnover History

      Knishes, I had my first in the Neighborhood deli were I got my first job.
      Made with puff pastry there they were fill with either high spiced meat or potato. The meat was mostly left over trimming from the sliced coed beef, pastrami and other deli meats put through a grinder and mixed with grilled onions. The potato filling had a lot of pepper and grilled onions.