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Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

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  • Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

    I was making dough in a food proccessor (following the recipes on this site) and kept having issues with the dough not rolling out properly, it just keeps springing back. When I was making in the processor I would use the dough the same day. I would HAVE to use a rolling pin and even with that had to let it rest for 10-15 mins between rollings to get it thin and then the middle of the pizzas were not crispy, pretty much just the edges.
    This week I bought a stand mixer and followed James recipe to the T (by weight) also bought proofing trays and let them sit in the fridge overnight and then rest for an hour before rolling them and had the same issue. Any thoughts? I am cooking with a floor temp of around 750 and a dome temp of around 900+. Any help is appreciatted.

    I want to burn my rolling pin....please again


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    Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

    I am not sure what the recipe says, but there are a few things that might give you "springy," dough.

    1. Over-mixing - Don't mix the dough to long or the protein in the dough becomes overworked and tough, just like if you mix ground meat too much when making meatballs.

    2. Not proofing the dough enough - I think this is likely your issue. Most dough goes through a "bench rest," where it doubles in volume. This takes 1-2 hours at room temperature. Then after the bench rest, I would weigh and shape the dough into balls, coat them with a small amount of olive oil, cover them in a hotel pan and refrigerate them for 6 hours, or let them double in size again before streching them.

    3. Your yeast is dead - Most likely not the case, but you would notice this because your dough won't rise.

    4. Your dough is cold - Allow your dough to come up to room temperature, about 10 minutes before stretching.

    There could be more reasons, but without the recipe who knows. I also use a sourdough starter for most of my doughs, that will make just about anything more tender.


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      Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

      You might find some answers about your dough here..
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        Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

        I want to burn my rolling pin....please help.
        Don't burn your rolling pin: you'll need it for pies and pita bread.

        As for pizza, put that sucker away.

        One thing Horrocks doesn't mention, is kneeding dough before stretching it. This is certain to give it a rubber band texture. Once you've divided your dough into dough balls, handle it as little as possible.
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          Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

          I'm thinking that even though I am following the recipe on this site (by weight) to the letter that I need to add a little more water. In the ebook the dough looks pretty wet when coming out of the bowl. My dough is a tight ball coming out of the mixer and not loose at all. I think I'm gonna try more water tonight and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.



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            Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

            When following the VPN formula, 1800g flour and 1L water, your resulting dough will not be 'wet' but nice and silky to the touch. When proofed for 8hrs at room temperature you will have a dough ball that will form flawlessly, not springback and result in a good crumb / texture. We started with Caputo flour 6 yrs ago and have never been let down as far as results go.
            Playing around with adding extra water can be tricky and it's not really required if you have the basics down. You don't need sugar, oil or any of the extra additives. Just flour, water , yeast and salt.

            Good Luck,

            Tom in PA


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              Re: Pizza dough to "springy"? HELP plz!

              I would say you are not letting the dough rest long enough out of the fridge. Cold dough will not be relaxed enough to stretch out (roll out). It should be soft to the touch. If it bounces back than its too cold. You need to take it out of the fridge earlier, it depends on how warm it is in your kitchen or outside.