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My first pizza

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  • My first pizza

    Attached is a picture of my first pizza in primavera 60 oven. I am using 6 oz dough balls, stretched to 10+ inches. Having some trouble holding high temperature in the oven. The surface was 600 + F and dome was 800 + F. I need bigger fires and i guess the oven will cure a bit more, though i have already cured it for a week.
    I am also using roller to stretch the dough instead of doing it by hand. using original san marzano tomato sauce and shredded mozzerella cheese. Any suggestions for improvement?


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    Re: My first pizza

    Originally posted by Ck_b2001 View Post
    though i have already cured it for a week.
    1 week is no where long enough, with regular use it will start to come good in a month or 2.

    You WILL know when its cured properly....
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      Re: My first pizza

      Hello there!

      Congrats on your oven! I don't have a wood fired oven but hope to one day have one.

      The rolling pin basically destroys any chance of a decent crumb, so if possible I would suggest stretching by hand, is your dough not relaxed enough to do this? From your picture I noticed some topping shift, did you have a bit of trouble getting your pizza in and out of your oven? Everything does shift towards the center of the pizza as it cooks, so I tend to not load up the center of my pizzas with toppings.


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        Re: My first pizza

        I agree on the rolling pin. I used to do that a long time ago. Watch some of the videos of Matt Molina, Kelly Whitaker, or Peter at the Cass House Inn stretching the dough. If you let it come up to room temperature out of the fridge for at least 2 hours, it should be ready to stretch easily. Put flour on your hands and let a combination of gravity and a little stretching do the work.

        Let's see your 2nd, 3rd, 4th pizzas. They'll just keep getting better I'm sure!