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Whole What flour in Vera Pizza Napoletana

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  • Whole What flour in Vera Pizza Napoletana

    Hey everyone,

    The wife & I have had our pizza oven up and running for a few weeks now, and we're quickly narrowing in on the "just right" pizza with the Central Milling "type 00" flour. This is the easy part.

    However, my wife has requested that I do "whole wheat" style pizzas for her, because she prefers the nuttier flavour of whole wheat flour. For a first attempt, I tried substituting half of the type 00 flour in the dough with whole wheat pastry flour, thinking that this would give a similar texture and workability -- boy was I wrong! The wife loves the flavour, but this dough is not NEARLY as easy to work with as that with pure type 00 flour. It turns out that the only way to work this is with a rolling pin, and it doesn't hold together nearly as well either, frequently tearing while I'm trying to get the peel underneath it.

    Has anyone had success with incorporating the whole wheat nuttiness into their pizza while keeping the workability of the original recipe?

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    Re: Whole What flour in Vera Pizza Napoletana

    50% is big for a pizza dough. I regularly do 10% just for a bit of extra flavor. Next time try 25-30% and adjust for taste and workability from there. You may also drop the 00 and use a bread flour. Hope that helps.