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  • Pizzaiolo Training Classes ??

    Hi guys,

    My first post! Well I am in the midst of doing all the research and setting up to run a mobile catering business providing authentic neapolitan stonebaked pizza here in the UK. I have worked at 2 pizzeria's and have also taken my homemade pizza oven (not the one we'll be using for the business) to various small festivals and farmers markets, where it went down a treat.

    However I really want to perfect my skills in the traditional method of using a wood fired oven, making dough, stretching/spinning dough, cooking and making the best possible pizza for the public.

    Anyone been to any classes or know anyone who has that can point me in the right direction? I would love to spend some time in Naples or elsewhere in Italy, but even here in the UK would be great. I want it to be a worthwhile investment for the business.

    Thanks !!!!!

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    Re: Pizzaiolo Training Classes ??

    The airfare won't be cheap, but, for English speakers, I don't think you can top NYC for Neapolitan training. There's a couple options for training in NYC, but I think Giulio Adriani is at the top of the list.

    You also might trying contacting Marco Parente, a dough consultant for Franco Manca in Brixton, and see if he'd be willing to train you.

    Lastly, it'll take longer to learn, but is free, and the information is all there.