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Home made mozzarella and whey

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  • Home made mozzarella and whey

    Have started making my own ricotta and mozzarella. When you make it yourself and put it on your own pizza there is nothing better. What you end up with when you make your cheese is whey. Mothers Day I made some doughs using whey instead of water. OUTSTANDING!! I use all purpose flour. The protein from the whey made it a little more elastic and the crust was slightly more crusty yet still soft. I am now going to start making my doughs and breads using whey. If you have never tried making your own cheese than you should give it a try. If you have save the whey and try making your dough with it.

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    Re: Home made mozzarella and whey

    Can you point me in the right direction for learning to make cheeses?


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      Re: Home made mozzarella and whey

      cheesemaking - Online Store
      This is where I get my supplies and there is some good info. If you email them or join their forum tgey get back to you and can answer any of your questions. Making cheese is relatively easy and fun.


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        Re: Home made mozzarella and whey

        I make my own yoghurt and use the whey in bread and pizza dough
        I scoop from one side of the yoghurt and the whey collects then I pour it in a jar in the fridge ready for the next kneading


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          Re: Home made mozzarella and whey

          If you want to make Mozz, you can get what you need at almost any grocery store. Citric acid (canning supply) and a box of rennet tablets - which are usually by the pudding (that's american pudding, not British)

          Personally, I found it was a fun thing to try - but it was a lot of work for not too much end product. Gallon of milk gives you a pound of mozz IIRC, and some ricotta.

          Never thought about using the Whey for crust. Maybe next time.
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