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Vent-less, insulation-less pizza

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  • Vent-less, insulation-less pizza

    We did not have a "wowser wowser weeeeeeeee!" night (I guess Dave's oven is starting to get pretty hot!), but we still made pretty good pizza. We had nice dough and good tomatoes, and so-so mozzarella, but our oven won't really be ready for prime time until we finish the insulation and the vent.

    It's a good experience to feel how a new oven works. I have always said that the vent get hot and pulls the smoke and hot air upward and back -- and it's true. Our ventless oven is pushing hot air over two feet beyond the front opening to the oven chamber. That makes it difficult to add wood or a pizza without your hand getting really hot. That, and the oven cools down very quickly.

    Great lessons. Insulate, insulate, insulate -- and appreciate your vent.

    All said, our daughters concluded this was the best pizza they have had since we moved back to California.

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