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DON'T call them "pies"

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  • DON'T call them "pies"

    OK, I will put my asbestos/vermiculite suit on because of the flames.

    I have noticed that on this forum, as well as others (pizzamaking.com and others) people are talkings about "pies" like in: "when I put the next pie in the oven... etc,,

    Actually pizza's (pizze to be more correct) are NOT "pies" so why call them that??

    Anyway thats my rant for now...

    Pizza Pete

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    try telling that to vito!
    overdo it or don't do it at all!

    My 2005 pompeii build


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      there are a ton of stories out there about pizza. I read one that said Pie is from Magpie, the bird, which decorates its nest with a wide array of materials.

      And if you believe that one....

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        ....no, pi are round...pizza pie that is

        call it whatever you want...


        as long as it tastes good!

        just get cookin'

        Bob C
        Great pizza, a cold beer,a great cigar and great friends...my idea of a great time


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          "Pie" is comfy slang, term of endearment. . .

          Like calling a motorcycle a "bike" or your automobile your "ride."

          Technically, pizza is not a pie, but neither is a young woman a "bird." Yet we use these as terms of endearment. "Pie" has a bit more flair than "flatbread."

          I once mistook a Kiwi for an Australian by his accent. He corrected me.

          And I was proud of myself because I thought I could distinguish (what I thought was) his Australian accent from an ordinary English accent. What a dope I am.
          Last edited by Fio; 07-11-2006, 12:07 PM. Reason: Need to clarify. . .
          There is nothing quite so satisfying as drinking a cold beer, while tending a hot fire, in an oven that you built yourself, and making the best pizza that your friends have ever had.


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            Originally posted by Fio
            Technically, pizza is not a pie...
            Oh kind sir, I beg to differ!