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    First Post! I am converting a horse trailer into a mobile pizza kitchen. Due to health code I will have to produce everything on the truck. Im am going to build a 42 Pompeii oven on this trailer

    What do you recommend for dough storage? Frozen, refrigerated, plastic bags, proofinfg boxes?

    what thoughts do yall have?

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    Hey buddy, I am new and doing the same thing. I decided against the Pompeii myself for weight and concerns about stability when moving, but if you can pull it off it will be AMAZING! Great idea on the horse trailer, I may go that route for my next cart. I decided to go to the Tiny House on Wheels way, and I'm basing my oven off the Bella.

    So let's talk actual dough storage! What style of dough are you planning on doing? Personally, I have decided to go with a naturally leavened dough. This way, the dough is left unrefrigerated overnight to work it's magic in a bulk proofing container (for me, 22qt plastic containers on a wire storage rack) In the morning I ball as many as I have dough trays for (25 at a time) and leave the rest of the dough in the bulk proofing containers. I ball more every time I finish a tray. All remaining dough is thrown out at the end of the day (except I don't do that, I already have a deal worked out with the local homeless shelter to give them whatever I have left over as cheese pizzas at cost If it's not a lot I cook them on site, toss them into a delivery bag and drive them over. If it's a lot, I head over and we cook there and then the shelter uses their walk-in to quickly cool it and then reheat it the next day for lunch. I will be closing late because I end my night at a local bar, so it's generally too late for them to use it for dinner.)

    To facilitate proper proofing I have an electric heater and AC unit on my truck that keep the whole truck at correct temp ranges overnight, and I have insulated covers I put over the proofing containers during the cold months. This method can create a situation where you run out of dough but after 4 months of experimenting with different methods and recipes, and then watching them make pizza in detail on America's Test Kitchen on Youtube, this is the recipe I like the most so far.

    For larger catering events I have a Hybrid that uses a natural starter and a TOUCH of commercial yeast, I can be ready in 4 hours but just doesn't have the same texture and lightness I like, and the crumb just isn't as desirable to me. The naturally leavened has a lightness to the digestion that I really like, and it's actually quite fun to work with.

    Would love to hear what you end up settling on! I would love to follow your journey as well!
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