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Gluten free flour from scratch

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  • Gluten free flour from scratch

    Yo fellow pizza heads , I have a pantry full of various non wheat flours since my wife developed an intolerance .
    . my first few try’s were with Robin Hood gluten free flour , a pretty short dough that had to be patted out on parchment paper and transferred onto the bricks on the paper .. my wife said the pizza was “ perfectly acceptable” OK but I’m looking for “ FANTASTIC”
    .. My next attempt will be with Bulk Barn 1=1 flour
    I picked up a bag of glutinous rice flour that I’m hoping may give some elasticity to a scratch recipe.anyone tried this?
    Has anybody a ...from scratch formulae..... for gluten free flour ?

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    Do a search on the Forum for Gluten Free, there are pages of posts and some scratch recipes.
    Google Photo Album []


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      Did that before got a plethora of posts , could not find a way to isolate any scratch recipes caveman computer skills ....ugh .. I’ll have to scroll ...