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Three Pizza Dough Tips

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  • Three Pizza Dough Tips

    I was re-reading American Pie (again), and saw a good tip for making the moist pizza dough the really springs in the oven.

    First, use the paddle attachment on the mixer to get gather everything into a ball. It's fast and easier than the dough hook and oxydizes the dough less.

    Second, as soon as the dough ball is formed, let the dough rest for a couple of minutes. That lets the flour fully hydrate before you knead the dough to develop the gluton. This would be specially helpful with Tipo 00 flour, which really takes on water.

    Third, because you are working with sticky and wet dough, use wet hands and tools to keep them from sticking.

    These all worked for me.

    If you don't have American Pie, I recommend it.
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