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  • A cheese by any other name ...

    ... would not make your teen-aged children snicker like this one - click the photo for the name. Actually very good though, as I discovered a few days ago. The aged stuff, strong and pungent, is great used like parmesan.

    From the internet:
    'The Italian cheese Bra originates from the town of Bra in Cuneo in the region of Piemonte. Production may only legally take place within the province of Cuneo, however, ageing may also take place in Villafranca, in Turin.

    The cheese may use either unpasteurised or pasteurised milk, often entirely cow's milk, but goat's or sheep's milk may be added in small amounts.

    It may be served as a soft or hard cheese, depending on the length of ageing, from at least forty five days for soft cheese, from six months for hard cheese (the 'old bra').

    The Piemonte region is known for its wine and cheese, as well as being the nexus of the Slow Food movement.'

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    Re: A cheese by any other name ...

    ok that made my eyes widen a bit. Now will have to find this and try it.
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      Re: A cheese by any other name ...

      I think because my mind is so active and being a boob person, at the moment I will leave this one alone.

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        Re: A cheese by any other name ...

        Yes, I had thought of posting it in the Humor section ...


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          Re: A cheese by any other name ...

          Old Bra! The visual is sag , or droop- bad visual. ( but being like Neil, it's all good ) Maybe we need a new link of "horror"

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            Re: A cheese by any other name ...

            Funny! Sure had better taste good as "Old Bra" just does't sound like something I would like to put in my mouth!



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              Re: A cheese by any other name ...

              hmm, not very appetizing name, but I gotta try it.. !