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Keeping pizza hot

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  • Keeping pizza hot

    How do you keep your pizza hot for parties, or family dinners?

    Do you just eat them as they come out, or do you put your pizzas on platters for warming so that they are all ready at the same time? Last night we made 5 pizzas for the four of us (one quattro formaggio to share with mozzarella, pecorino, parmigiano e gorgonzola), then everyone made their own pizza to sit down with for the Academy Awards. Our indoor pizza oven does one pizza at a time, so it is always a serial cooking event.

    What is the recommended method for keeping pizza hot? If you use your standard oven for warming, what is the best temperature, and does convection help?

    We've started using our regular oven (with convection) to keep everything hot until we are all ready, but I am looking to experiment.

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