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Pizza not hot enough?

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  • Pizza not hot enough?

    I am fairly new at baking Pizza in a WBO but I think I have many of the basics down.My problem is the Pizza is not hot enough even though the crust is perfectly done,the cheese melted nicely,etc.
    When I buy Pizza at a restaurant it is too hot to eat for a few minutes;when I serve my nicely done Pizza just out of the oven it not nearly as hot and a minute or 2 later it is almost cool.
    My oven is at or above 700 degrees and I let all the ingredients come to room temp before cooking.
    Any suggestions??

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    Re: Pizza not hot enough?

    Hi lag,

    When cooking a pizza, one of the indicators I look for is the sauce on the pizza bubbling - boiling from the heat. Are your pizza's cooked through the middle, do you have bubbles coming up in the middle of the pie?



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      Re: Pizza not hot enough?

      Is the top browning?
      The bottom?
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        Re: Pizza not hot enough?

        Don't want to bury this thread, so I'll just add the latest take on no-knead pizza dough courtesy the King Arthur Newsletter and Jim Lahey (of no-knead bread fame): No-Knead Pizza Crust: King Arthur Flour . Sounds interesting and might be a help to those using a stone in a home oven.

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          Re: Pizza not hot enough?

          Crust is nicely charred,dough tastes fine and cheese is melted but the entire pizza is not extremely hot.Perhaps I should let it cook a little further from the fire for a minute or so longer.


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            Re: Pizza not hot enough?

            Do you lift the pizza up to-wards the dome where the heat is the greatest? I am just learning myself so lets figure this out. Thanks for the post.

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              Re: Pizza not hot enough?

              I'm stumped. Where are you taking your temperature readings from? The floor is where you should be pointing your laser thermometer, if that is what you are using. The temps on the walls of the dome will be higher and don't give you a good indication of the actual cooking temp. you're working with.

              One thought though, I've pushed my cooking temps to around 850 vs. 750 F because my crusts were a bit underdone. Perhaps you might try a hotter oven. Mine can still burn your mouth a bit about 5 minutes after coming out of the oven.
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