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  • Proofing Containers

    Need some help on what to use as "proofing containers". I have a couple of the large white plastic commercial trays. If you use these, what do you cover the top tray with? Plastic wrap or damp towels?

    Do some people swear by the disposable plastic containers? Pictures please

    What about the tupperware containers, do they work better than others?

    Again, looking for input. I have to make 60+ pizzas for a party Saturday.

    Pictures help everyone.


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    Re: Proofing Containers

    This might not help at all, but I put my dough balls on an oven tray, cover them with a damp cloth and put them in the fridge. Sometimes I put all that inside a plastic bag as well. Your commercial trays should work fine for that.
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      Re: Proofing Containers

      Hey... I can't help you for the Saturday gig. For future reference, here's a very nice set of ABS storage boxes. I bought this set quite awhile ago and am VERY happy with them.

      PIZZA DOUGH STORAGE BOX NEW CASE OF 6 - eBay (item 270375562604 end time Apr-26-09 12:50:09 PDT)

      They nest tightly so the top guy is the lid. For 60, this should work out well.
      They are also very useful for large amounts of food, like balling dough, mixing Italian sausage or transporting a bunch of stuff out to the smoker. Oddly enough, they actually fit in a conventional refrigerator.

      A real nice guy to deal with. There is a "Make Offer" button. He took $50 for the set. Well worth the price.


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        Re: Proofing Containers

        For individual balls, this Rubbermaid product is cheap, and often on sale:

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          Re: Proofing Containers

          Check out the following threads which cover similar ideas:

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            Re: Proofing Containers

            Use the ones they sell at the grocery store in the sandwhich bag isle. The Glad throw away containers, only I don't throw them away.

            I have used trays, after doing both I prefer seperate containers.
            Wade Lively